5 Details That Can Make a Big Difference for your Move

We can all think of a time where the smallest of details were all that separated us from success and failure. Whether you missed the bus by a minute, or your food needed a pinch more salt; the smallest things can often make all the difference. That is why we are going to delve into 5 small details that can make or break your move!

Invest in new boxes for your move

Many amateur movers make the mistake of going to their local supermarket for spare boxes. Unfortunately, these boxes will have travelled through a lengthy shipping process, and will lose a lot of their structural integrity. Even if these boxes seem sturdy, they are often soggy and full of humidity and moisture. Moisture will reduce a box’s ability to hold items, and can act as a health hazard if it contained meat. Your best option is to invest in some dry, sanitary, and brand new boxes for your next move or rent plastic boxes. For box sizes and prices check out our RENT BOXES page.

Leave no empty spaces inside your boxes

Imagine opening your boxes on moving day only to find half your items shattered or broken. One of the main causes of shattered items is not enough cushioning. Additionally, adding a towel or crunched paper in-between empty spaces can help you stabilize your belongings by limiting movement. The less your belongings move, the less chance of breakage.

Repurpose your old bags and containers

Less boxes packed, means less time spent moving and unpacking. Try using old luggage or laundry baskets as a means to carry your belongings. This will save you both space and money!

Add pull-tabs to your boxes

Opening firmly taped boxes one-by-one can be a chore. Instead, try designing small pull-tabs for each of your boxes by taping over a piece of yarn. Ensure that a small piece of yarn is left hanging and not fully taped. This will guarantee that when you pull on the yarn, the tape will easily peel off as well. No more fussing with overly tapped boxes!

Plastic wrap any leak-prone items during your move

To avoid excess mess when moving, it is best to separate all liquids from non-liquid items. An inexpensive way to protect your boxes and surrounding items from leaks is to wrap all your shampoos, oils, and sauces with plastic wrap. You can even take this a step further by placing one sheet of paper towel inside the plastic wrap for added absorption.

As tasks and deadlines begin to pile up, thinking about the fine details of a move can seem overwhelming. However, organizing these details in your favor can save you time, money, and grief come moving day. In short, remember to invest in new boxes and ensure items are packed tightly. Also, remember to be especially mindful of any empty spaces inside your boxes, and take actions to minimize them! Additionally, try utilizing the empty space inside backpacks and luggage instead of using more boxes. Lastly, simplify the unpacking stage of your move by making pull-tabs, and wrap any leak-prone items with plastic wrap. We wish you a safe and happy move!


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