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4 Signs it’s Time to Move Your Business

You’ve surpassed the enormous step of starting your own business. However, now you notice certain changes that are telling you it’s time to upgrade your business locale. Uprooting your business seems daunting at first. Soon you’ll settle into a new space and be ready for new successes! To help you make up your mind, we’ve put together some signs that indicate it’s probably time to relocate your business. 

Operational and living costs 

If you’re finding that the operational and living costs are too high in your current location, it’s time to do some research! Take the time to explore and learn about the cost of living in other areas to make the best decision for your business. It’s important to really prioritize certain necessities when it comes to finding a new location within your budget. Should you choose to move to a more central location, it’s more likely you’ll get more foot-traffic noticing your business. However, the more centrally located you are, the higher the cost. Choosing a location that is out of the way simply to save on cost could also greatly deter clientele. Consider what you are willing to give and take when it comes to choosing a new location for your business on a budget. 

Outgrowing your space 

A quickly growing business is something to be proud of. But when it comes to finding space for everyone, issues inevitably arise. It’s hard to plan for every possible outcome when starting a business. If you feel it’s time for more space, it’s time to relocate. With so many technological advances, especially in certain sectors, you may be regularly updating large pieces of equipment. Don’t cramp yourself into a tiny office when there’s the perfect space waiting for you. 

Increase in working from home 

With many businesses opting to let their employees work from home in the last year, many have also opted to downsize their spaces. If you’re finding that you have an empty workspace more often than not, it may be time to find a space more suited to your current needs. Also take into consideration whether you’re planning to continue to have staff work from home once COVID-19 restrictions lift. It’s important to plan as best as you can for the foreseeable future. 

Staff and client retention 

A long commute is a huge deterrent for staff and clientele alike. Choosing a central location for ease of access has many upsides. However, choosing a location slightly less central but with great public transit is a good option as well. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a space for your business. Take the time to consider what your business needs now and down the line. 

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