4 Quick Tips to Unpack Into Your New Home Like a Pro

If you have moved into a new home before, you might have noticed that unpacking tends to feel like ages. In fact, one of the most overlooked features in a new move is the unpack phase. After all, it is relatively easy to pack away items into boxes. However, unpacking boxes generally takes the most time due to the planning needed to place things away correctly. Many people wonder where to start, what to do with the excess clutter, or how much time should be spent unpacking. Here are five tips to simplify the unpacking stage of your move!

Unpack your kitchen first

Everyone’s priorities are different, but we can all agree that food is a necessity for all of us! Unpacking your kitchen first is ideal for many reasons. Firstly, the kitchen is generally the most complicated of all, due to its numerous small pieces like: knives, spoons, cups, bowls, and spices etc. Secondly, unpacking the most complicated section of your home, will give you a huge sense of accomplishment. Thirdly, unpacking your kitchen allows you to easily prepare food, which will be greatly appreciated after a long move.

Set strict unpacking goals

Procrastination will be your biggest obstacle come unpacking-time. Naturally, many people rush to unpack there necessities first. For example, Wi-Fi router, kitchen utensils, bed linens, towels, and electronics etc. Therefore, as you begin to obtain some of your necessities, you will be tempted to slow down or even store remaining boxes. Many families to this day have boxes from years ago still piled around the garage!

A quick solution for this is to set strict minimum-goals for unpacking. If you are strained for time, a good strategy would be to unpack 2-3 boxes per day. This strategy is better than unpacking 10-boxes for the first two days, then going 2-weeks without any progress. Your goal should be to unpack your belongings in an efficient, quick, and organized manner.

 Design an unpacking checklist

Now that you have set a goal to open 2-3 boxes per day, you should write-up an unpacking checklist. An unpacking checklist will give you clarity on the areas of the house that take precedence. An unpacking checklist may instruct you to unpack 2-boxes for the bedroom, and one-box for the bathroom on day one. The second day may instruct you to unpack 1-box for the garage, and 2-boxes for the living room. You will be amazed to see how efficient an unpacking checklist can be, when you are short for time!

Declutter as you unpack

The average box takes up nearly one square-meter of space when fully assembled, leading to an overwhelmingly cluttered appearance. Therefore, a great way to clear up a space is to throw away used-boxes the second they’re emptied. Lastly, a good rule of thumb is to disassemble empty boxes for recycling, or store them for a second move.

In short, a successful move is all about experience, organization, and coordination. We hope that these four moving tips will help to simplify your unpacking phase. Our team at Real Pro Movers is always ready to assist you with a safe and happy move!

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