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3 Relaxing Activities When Moving to Pender Island

Moving to Pender Island offers many relaxing nature activities for those tired of Vancouver’s bustling city life. After enduring the events of COVID-19, many families are in search of a much needed break from the chaos of 2020. Imagine, having a home that is only steps away from the ocean without breaking the bank. Imagine, enjoying the finest seafood while paddling across 61 kilometres of sunny coastline. Here are three relaxing activities to enjoy when moving to Pender Island.


Relaxing Activities When Moving to Pender Island: Hiking and Picnics


With a modest population of only a couple thousand, you can immerse yourself in Pender Island’s pristine rocky rainforest. Bring your finest pair of hiking boots and trek along Mount Norman. You and your loved ones can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Gulf Islands, which will have you wondering why you didn’t move sooner.


Pender Island’s hikes are just the beginning. Moving to Pender Island introduces you to some of the best kept parks in the area. Enjoy Centennial Park or Disk Park. Disk Park resembles mini golf but include throwing a Frisbee-like-disc; while being surrounded by an open ocean and blue skies.


Delicious Cuisine


One of the charms of moving to Pender Island lies in its small population. Whether you are sampling from your favourite artesian cuisines, farmer’s markets, or cafes, you may eventually know everyone by name! Pender Island, like the name suggests, is surrounded by water and boasts some of the best seafood selection. Enjoy fine dining like never before, as you sample shellfish, fish tacos, and freshly caught spot prawns. On top of all that, most restaurants feature spectacular waterfront views as their norm.


Check out Water Sports and Boating 


A guide on moving to Pender Island wouldn’t be complete without mentioning boating! Being surrounded by a vast ocean means a wide array of water sports. For more relaxing water activities, enjoy kayaking up to 61 kilometres of coastline from Beaumont Marine Park to North Pender. For those looking to swim in Pender Island, look no further! Magic lake is a popular swimming destination for families moving to Pender Island.


It would be a lie to say that city life doesn’t have numerous outdoor activities. However, city dwellers rarely partake in them due to the pace of city-life. That is why moving to Pender Island places you in the center of nature, and frees up your time for outdoor activities. Whether you are in the mood for panoramic mountain views or exploring one of the Island’s many parks, Pender Island has it. City living also offers waterfront views, but often breaks the bank at the same time! At Pender Island, you can make waterfront dining a regular occurrence.


Lastly, enjoy a mesmerizing paddle across the coast of Pender Island in your own kayak or canoe. In short, if moving to Pender Island is something you’ve considered, then you made the right choice. At Real Pro Movers, we specialize in helping Canadians navigate the do’s and don’ts of moving. We have helped hundreds of families move across Canada, and are committed to making your move the easiest ever!


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