Back-to-School Moving

Back-to-School Moving Tips

With September nearby, students province-wide are gearing up for university and could use a few back-to-school moving tips. For some students, back-to-school moving can be as simple as a 15-minute move locally. However, some students have to endure the challenge of moving long distances; some of which span multiple cities or provinces. Today, we will … Read more

upsize into a new home

3 Reasons to Upsize into a New Home in Nanaimo

With increased Vancouver housing costs, families are finding more reasons to upsize into a new home in Nanaimo. The average cost of a single family-dwelling in Vancouver in 2019 remains well over $1 million dollars. While the average single family-dwelling in Nanaimo averaged around $600,000. With a growing population and increased amenities, Nanaimo is becoming … Read more

Moving to Kelowna

Activities To Explore When Moving to Kelowna

For those of you looking for fun family activities to explore when moving to Kelowna, look no further! Kelowna is arguably one of the most well-known destinations in the Okanagan. With a modest population of roughly 130,000 people, Kelowna offers a great opportunity to focus on more quality family-time. For families thinking of moving to … Read more

Moving to Penticton

Moving to Penticton is Easiest in the Summer

If you’re looking for summer fun, then here are four reasons why moving to Penticton is easiest in the summer. Located in the center of the sunny Okanagan, there are many reasons why families are moving to Penticton. Penticton boasts a modest population, large enough to feel included in community events, yet cozy enough to … Read more

Moving to pender island

3 Relaxing Activities When Moving to Pender Island

Moving to Pender Island offers many relaxing nature activities for those tired of Vancouver’s bustling city life. After enduring the events of COVID-19, many families are in search of a much needed break from the chaos of 2020. Imagine, having a home that is only steps away from the ocean without breaking the bank. Imagine, … Read more

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