Moving to the Island

Moving to the Island

If you thought moving across town was complicated and stressful, then you have never moved by ferry. As the Vancouver mainland becomes increasingly populated and expensive, cheaper surrounding areas like Victoria will seem more ideal. Many of this is due to shifting job conditions, and desire to start families in less dense areas. Today, we … Read more

Moving with children

Moving With Children: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

There are numerous mistakes and challenges that can make an upcoming move excessively difficult. Common challenges include: finding the right movers, renting a truck, packing, unpacking, weather and many more. However, the best moves are those that find a solution for every challenge in a timely and organized manner. Among those challenges are moving with … Read more


Things to Know When Moving Into an Older Wood-Frame Apartment

With summer around the corner, many people are gearing up to move into their new homes. However, a new home doesn’t always mean a two-story house with a yard and picket fence! After all, city living forces us all to adapt to the various kinds of homes like: concrete condos, low-rise apartments, and townhomes. Each … Read more

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