Do Have a Move-In-Kit for Your Moving Day?

Take a deep breath, moving day is only one week away. You are overwhelmed with schedules, boxes, and still have to continue attending work. Chances are, if you are like the average renter who moves every 7-8 years, then you may have only moved a couple of times on your own. Also, you may have … Read more

Moving scams

Common Moving Scams to Avoid

If you are reading this, then chances are you are planning for an upcoming move! But between the chaos of packing, scheduling, or organizing your belongings, the last thing on your mind is moving scams.With the rise of online shopping, and the ability to order moving services from the comfort of your laptop computer. This … Read more

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How to Choose Movers

Imagine you have secured your dream home, decided on a move-in date, and begun packing. A logical next step would be to find some help, but deciding between hiring professional movers, amateur-movers, and friends can be difficult. Today we are going to delve into the pros and cons, so that you can make an informed … Read more

Plan for enjoyable moving!