Reasons a Moving Company Saves You Money

When a family begins to plan a move, often one of the first things they think of is: should we hire a professional moving company or should we do a DIY move? The first option sounds expensive while the second choice seems more budget-friendly. But there are several persuasive reasons a Vancouver moving company saves … Read more

Moving and Storage Tips for Your Family

Packing up your whole family and moving to a new house can be an exciting time for everyone. But it can also be very stressful, even if the move is a welcome one. Vancouver movers agree the moving process is an opportunity to start fresh. But deciding what to take with you and what to … Read more

Moving Boxes and Procrastination

Even if you’re excited about your career opportunity in a new town and have been planning your relocation for months, moving and packing can be overwhelming. It can hit you all at once – you’ll need moving supplies, including moving boxes. And all those boxes have to be packed. It’s only natural to want to … Read more

Start Here: Things to Include in a Moving Checklist

Getting ready for a big move, whether across the city or to another town in the province, is a roller coaster of emotions from excitement to fatigue to uncertainty to happiness. Many moving companies provide a printable moving checklist to help get you organized. Moving checklists suggested by moving companies are usually divided weeks and … Read more

Plan for enjoyable moving!